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52 Song Pick Up* #23 - Worldwide (Kid Crate Digger IBMCs remix)

IBMCs (an International hip hop organization) contacted me a few months ago about doing a remix of the Langston Bukowski song “Worldwide” and I sent them the acappella.  A few weeks later I was delighted to receive an email back from them with this fantastic remix by Slovenian producer Kid Crate Digger.  It feels a bit serendipitous that they chose a Slovenian producer from Ljubljana to remix the track, as I am very quite possibly moving to Ljubljana later this year.  If you’re not familiar with the original, it appeared on the collaborative effort that Racecar and I put out in 2010 as Langston Bukowski, “Down and Out in Chicago & Los Angeles”, which can be heard and downloaded for free right here.  You can download this remix right here

*52 Song Pick Up is a series in which I have been releasing a new song for every week in 2012

  • 9 June 2012